Train Wreck Willie

Train Wreck Willie

In a recent interview with Train Wreck Willie;

HMF:  It sounds like you just woke up? 

Willie: *Laughs*  Yeah, the older I get the more I realize I am two different people, the one before noon, and the person after.

HMF:  Who do we have now? 

Willie:  The one before noon. The person who is here now avoids mirrors, shoes, guitars and people.  *Laughs*

HMF:  What about the person after noon? 

Willie:  Well, he would make for a better interview.

HMF:  Who taught you how to play music, guitar in particular? 

Willie:  My mother, I have the guitar she used to play when she was young. My mother and a push out the door from my sister on the 4th of July.

HMF:  Why the 4th of July? 

Willie:  Well, I was having my sister give me personality tests all night and she finally had enough and told me to “go play your guitar”.  That and I think living in this country on the 4th drives you a bit mad.

HMF:  The Devil is talked about quite frequently in your music, do you know the Devil? Personally? 

Willie:  I am sure at certain times in my life I thought I did.  What draws me to the arts is the underlining darkness though.  As for knowing the devil personally? No.  I can’t afford to sit at his table.

HMF:  How long have you known Jack?

Willie:  Quite a while.

HMF:  How did you guys meet?

Willie:  You will have to ask him. *Laughs* I don’t recall much.

HMF:  Substances involved?

Willie:  No, that’s what worries me.  Well maybe worry is not the right word. That’s what intrigues me.

HMF:  Why doesn’t Spirit Ditch play in a larger band setting?  You guys have a unique sound, but don’t you think audiences would be more inclined to listen to you within the classical band setting?

Willie:  Maybe down the road we will try a traditional band setting.  Right now we like it how it is.  I like that we can sit on a porch and have our music feel complete in that setting.

HMF:  Where did you get the name Train Wreck? 

Willie:  From dropping things. *laughs*  Honestly, I don’t know how to answer this question, sorry.


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